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SRE leads creation of Taiwan Team for offshore wind

Taipei, July 5, 2021 – Taiwan’s leading offshore wind developer Swancor Renewable Energy (SRE) announced today a partnership with Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology, Yeong Guan Energy and J&V Energy Technology to jointly develop its mega-scale portfolio of offshore wind projects in Miaoli, marking the establishment of the “Taiwan Team”.

The Taiwan Team is a combination of the leading development, supply chain, technology, construction and O&M expertise that Taiwanese companies have to offer and unites this expertise into this consortium of 4 partners, which today will jointly lead the ambition of Taiwan to have its renewable energy Taiwan-made. The partnership endeavors to apply each local company’s expertise and proven ability to drive the development of the next stage of Taiwan’s offshore wind market and continue the energy transition of Taiwan to a greener future.

The Taiwan Team will focus on the development of Formosa 4, a fixed foundation technology project, before transitioning into Formosa 5, which will be a floating technology project. Each of the projects also welcomes its unique project logo, which enhances the development characteristics that are different between fixed foundation and floating foundation.

The signing ceremony in the morning saw the representatives from all four companies joining, including SRE CEO Lucas Lin, Tien Li Offshore Wind Chairman K.D. Wu, Yeong Guan Group CSO Richard Lee and J&V Energy Technology CEO Kai Tan. The Taiwan Team pledged to unite Taiwan companies, technology and expertise to deliver Taiwan-made renewable energy for Taiwan and as appropriate, welcome other Taiwanese leading companies for the greater good of Taiwan. The Taiwan Team members also committed to enter the broader Asian market, allowing expertise and experience developed in Taiwan due to the Taiwan Government’s forward thinking and commitment to renewable energy, to help the Asian markets develop their own offshore wind programs.

Lucas Lin, CEO of SRE, noted: “We are very excited to once again be a pioneer and bring local developers, suppliers and technology companies together for the establishment of the Taiwan Team. As the first local developer, SRE has been instrumental to the development of offshore wind in Taiwan through our work on the first offshore wind farm in Taiwan. As the Taiwan Government strives to make Taiwan a global leader in renewable energy, it is our responsibility to unite as the Taiwan Team to be stronger together instead of individual companies on their own. Taiwan needs to maintain its identity in offshore wind and we are grateful for the partnership with TienLi, Yeong Guan and J&V, all leaders that we are proud to stand together with.”

K.D. Wu, Chairman of Tien Li Offshore Wind, said: “The company is appreciative of the opportunity to be part of this Taiwan Team with the leading offshore wind developers, suppliers and technology companies in Taiwan to develop Formosa 4 and 5 together. Tien Li brings its immense experience as a leading supplier for offshore wind turbines in Taiwan, the only one with any track record, to enhance Taiwan Team and to accelerate the integration of Taiwan’s up-stream and down-stream offshore wind industry chain. Our 21-hectare new factory plant at Taichung Harbor installed by Tien Li totaling an NTD 3 billion investment. The production of parts at the Taichung factory has received all requisite international certifications, allowing for the export to the broader APAC market. As a leader in the Taiwan offshore wind supply chain, we are proud to join hands with our Taiwan Team partners to combine our expertise and experience to be Taiwan’s national champion.”

Richard Lee, CSO of Yeong Guan Group, stated: “Yeong Guan has been committed to wind turbine casing R&D since 2005. We started with the production of a 750kW turbine, and now successfully deliver 14MW turbines to clients. We have witnessed the development progress of the offshore wind industry and have had the opportunity to become strategic partners with world-renowned companies to build this experience. Yeong Guan is optimistic about the rapid growth in the global offshore wind market and believes that in supporting the Taiwan Team, this will ensure “Taiwan supports Taiwan” in growing renewable energy domestically. We have set up factories with the most cutting-edge fabrication techniques in Taiwan in order to provide high-quality products for clients all around the world. In successfully being a global leader for our technology, we know how complicated offshore wind can be and together as one, Taiwan Team allows us to deliver offshore wind to international standards and to make Taiwan proud.”

Kai Tan, CEO of J&V Energy Technology, emphasized: “J&V Energy Technology started its business in solar energy but has officially been part of the offshore wind industry by investing in Tien Li Offshore Wind in 2020, and TERAS Offshore early this year. Today, J&V Energy Technology along with outstanding local developers and suppliers formed the Taiwan Team to tackle the global energy transition and the development of offshore wind in Taiwan. Our goal is to win the development right in next year’s Third Zonal Development. In the past, the Taiwan Government was committed to support the local supply chain and has flourishing result in localization. J&V is committed to expand the localization effort to local talents, funding, and technology to build the country’s capability of developing its own offshore wind farm. J&V will set a solid foundation in Taiwan with the Taiwan Team, and welcomes international business opportunities to develop wind farms in other countries of the Asia-Pacific.”