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SRE recognized at the 2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards for outstanding dedication to green energy education

Taipei, August 12 , 2022 -At the ceremony of the Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards, the most prestigious corporate social responsibility (CSR) awards in Taiwan, SRE outshone nearly 200 domestic companies and won a bronze medal in the “Quality Education” category, becoming the first developer receiving this honor in the offshore wind sector. This achievement proves that SRE, the offshore wind pioneer in Taiwan, has earned a solid reputation and wide recognition for our New Energy Education Campaign not only in local communities and schools, but also in the broader society.

Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards, the most prestigious CSR awards in Taiwan hosted by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, evaluate the sustainability action plans of enterprises, financial institutions, schools, and non-profit organizations against the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, a total of nearly 150 Taiwanese companies joined the competition, and nearly 250 sustainability action plans were reviewed. Applying for the award for the first time, SRE won the bronze medal for a series of green energy education campaigns and received widespread praise for “plan creativity,” “cross-field collaboration,” “action reproducibility,” and “expected outcomes.”

“As a leading offshore wind developer in Taiwan, SRE is determined to promote renewable energy education. Not only did we develop a long-term plan, but we have put the plan into action meticulously. This award gives both recognition for our team’s contribution and a spur to even greater effort. It also inspires SRE to be more creative on our journey toward environmental education goals so as to attain the corporate sustainability goal of living in harmony with nature,” stated Anna Su, CEO of SRE.

Considering the lack of resources and materials about offshore wind power for domestic frontline educators, SRE published Out in Full Force! Let's Catch the Wind Monster Ininhoo, the first illustrated book featuring offshore wind power in Taiwan, in collaboration with the publishing industry in 2021. With enchanting illustrations and an engaging story that imparts knowledge in an easily comprehensible manner, this popular science book has been widely acclaimed, and recently, it was even selected by the Ministry of Culture as one of the best books in the “2022 Recommended Reading List for Elementary and Middle School Students,” the first of its kind in the industry. Meanwhile, SRE has run the “New Energy Education Campaign” for two years in a row. In addition to visiting schools to share knowledge of offshore wind power through interactive storytelling and DIY activities with schoolchildren, SRE further launched reading campaigns and physical exhibitions in partnership with nearly 250 public libraries across six counties in Taiwan to expand the breadth and depth of energy education.

With the green energy education campaigns recognized with an award and the illustrated book selected as one of the best books for schoolchildren, SRE, the offshore wind forerunner in Taiwan, has been celebrating the meaningful triumphs coming in pairs. SRE regards the new energy education as our flagship scheme for sustainability actions and has never stopped exploring the possibilities of cross-field collaboration. Looking forward, while maintaining a cooperative relationship with schools and educational institutions, we will also actively seek more partners to revolutionize Taiwan’s energy education together. SRE aspires to use the corporate impact for good by bringing together different industries to increase energy literacy and improve clean energy education, thereby achieving the sustainable development goal of energy transition.