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About The Company

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Site Area
47 47


of Turbine
376 376


Total Capacity
380 380

Thousand Households

Power Supply

Swancor Renewable Energy

Swancor Renewable Energy is a leading developer in Taiwan’s offshore wind industry. First involved in the development of offshore wind farm in 2012, the company had planned and completed the installation of two wind turbines which formed Phase 1 of the first offshore wind farm “Formosa 1” in Taiwan solely by itself in October 2016, and then it cooperated with an international team to complete the second Phase which is comprised of 20 wind turbines that generate 128MW of electricity every year. Formosa 1 entered into operation at the end of 2019 and is currently the only offshore wind farm in commercial operation in Taiwan. Swancor Renewable Energy continues to show passion in green energy and focus on the development and operation of a sustainable environment. Formosa 1 is a milestone with distinguished meaning in Taiwan’s offshore wind sector.

Following Formosa 1, Swancor Renewable Energy is also involved in the planning and construction of Formosa 2, the second large offshore wind project of the company. Formosa 2 is located also off the shore of Miaoli County and covers an area up to 70km². Scheduled to be completed in 2021, Formosa 2 is comprised of 47 units of 8MW wind turbines, and is able to generate 376MW of electricity per year which is sufficient for the annual power usage of 380,000 households.

Swancor Renewable Energy, with Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners holding 95% of its shares, has its headquarters sit in the heart of Taipei City. Our vision is to become the leading brand of renewable energy in the Asia-Pacific region, and we are committed to providing professional and reliable services of renewable energy development, construction and asset management for our customers.