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Synera Renewable Energy (SRE)

We are a leading, pioneering offshore wind developer in Taiwan. As the first to harness offshore wind in Taiwan, we have participated in every stage of the offshore wind development. With extensive experience in the development, construction, operation, and maintenance, we have established ourselves as one of the few offshore wind companies in Asia that have a proven track record across the life cycle of offshore wind farms. As of early 2023, our global offshore wind portfolio has reached 5GW.

We have been dedicating ourselves to developing offshore wind power since as early as 2012. In October 2016, we independently planned and installed two demonstration wind turbines for Phase 1 of Formosa 1, Taiwan’s first-ever offshore wind farm. Afterward, in collaboration with international partners, we installed 20 wind turbines for Phase 2 and inaugurated the wind farm at the end of 2019. With a total installed capacity of 128MW, Formosa 1 became Taiwan’s first commercial-scale offshore wind farm, which not only marks a significant milestone on the road to harnessing offshore wind power but also represents a remarkable achievement on the energy transition path.

Following the landmark Formosa 1, we completed the construction of the 376MW Formosa 2 in early 2023 and added Formosa 4 and Formosa 5 to our domestic pipeline. Formosa 4 was awarded 495MW of development capacity at the end of 2022; Formosa 5 is the first floating wind project that passed the preliminary EIA review in Taiwan. Meanwhile, we have expanded our footprint to Northeast Asia and built a portfolio of around 2GW of offshore wind projects in development in southern Japan.

Our vision is to become a leading renewable energy company across Asia, and we are committed to providing professional and reliable services in renewable energy development, construction, and asset management to our clients. Along the way, we have proved our unwavering passion for green energy, and behind everything we do is the relentless drive to build a sustainable future.

We are headquartered in Taipei City, and currently, a 95% stake of the company is held by Stonepeak, a New York-based leading international alternative investment firm that specializes in infrastructure and real assets.