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CEO's Message

Swancor Renewable Energy


Every weekend, when I travel into the forest and to the sea, I am always amazed by the fineness of the Mother Nature and what it has gifted us. We enjoy the sunshine and breeze, harvesting from the land and the water running on it, but the Mother Nature doesn’t ask anything in return.

Now, the Earth we rely on is facing a threat that was never seen before. As the world continues to escalate the requirement for handling climate change, the need to reduce CO₂ emission of burning fossil fuels has further facilitated the surge of demand of countries around the world to renewable energy.

Jeremy Rifkin, an economist and the professor of the Wharton Business School of University of Pennsylvania, has speculated that the industrial civilization built upon fossil fuels will collapse sometime between 2023 and 2030. The Carbon Bubble will become the largest economic bubble in the history. His opinion is that, such major turning point of modern society is resulted from the decoupling between key industries and fossil fuels. Those industries turn to solar energy and wind energy which gradually becomes more cost-efficient, or other types of renewable energies and the zero emission technologies derived from them. In other words, solar and wind energy are more reachable compared to coal, petroleum and natural gas that requires mining. It is a foreseeable tendency around the globe toward retrieving from oil industry and investing in renewable energy instead.

In Taiwan

Swancor Renewable Energy has taken the emerging opportunities in the market of renewable energy industry, riding on the tide created by a society that seeks more stable and safer energy resources and energy transformation. The SRE team played a key role and pioneered in the offshore wind sector in Taiwan and installed the first two offshore wind turbines in October 2016. The achievement not only attracted international developers to Taiwan to seek business opportunities, but also facilitated the connecting between upstream and downstream suppliers, and the integration of talents, health and safety regulations of wind farm with international standards.

In the coming days

SRE will continue to challenge itself to become the leading brand of renewable energy in Asia-Pacific region.

For the SRE team, our advantages include the capability of integrating local elements and the experience gained from working with international partners during previous projects. These are what makes us stand out among other market participants.

The first offshore wind farm in Taiwan, Formosa 1, started commercial operation in October 2019. The second offshore project, Formosa 2, will have its construction work start in the near future. SRE will continue to walk at the front of the trend with conscientious attitude, while setting our vision in the future, focusing on exploring and developing the possibility of renewable energy, and seeking to coexist with the Mother Nature.