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Formosa 4 Offshore Wind Farm

Formosa 4

Formosa 4 Offshore Wind Farm (F4) would cover a large maritime area located 18 to 20 kilometers off the coast of Miaoli County in northwestern Taiwan, near Formosa I Offshore Wind Farm and Formosa II Offshore Wind Farm. The portfolio would consist of 3 sites: Formosa 4-1, Formosa 4-2 and Formosa 4-3 with a total potential capacity of up to 4.4 GW and would generate enough electricity to power over 4.5 million homes.

Currently, both bottom-fixed and floating foundations are under consideration for the portfolio and the choice will be subject to site conditions. Swancor Renewable Energy expects that the Formosa 4 wind farms would achieve operations post-2025.

Through the development of Formosa 4, we are dedicated to growing the local supply chain and realizing our vision of becoming a regional leader in the renewable energy industry.