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What is Green Energy


Green energy generally refers to the resources of the Earth, such as sunshine, wind, rain, tide, wave, plants, algae and geothermal energy. The shared feature of these resources is that they are sustainable, and almost inexhaustible in supply.

Fossil fuels which are widely used around the Globe in the current age, such as petroleum, natural gas and coal, are limited resources which take millions of years to generate. It often involves penetrative mining at ecologically sensitive area to obtain such resources. Furthermore, fossil fuels tend to reduce upon using with emission of pollution, such as green house gas, that aggravates global warming.

In comparison to fossil fuels, “green energy” does little-to-none impact to the environment. Thanks to the rapid development of technology of generating sustainable energy, and remarkable reduction in the cost of material of solar panel and wind turbine generator, more households and communities than before in the world are now capable of generating power by themselves. “Green energy” can now even replace fossil fuels by supplying energy for daily life usage, such as heating, cooling and ventilation.

Types of Green Energy

Solar Power

Using photovoltaic cell to capture light and converse it into electricity. This is the most popular way of generating renewable energy.

Wind Power

Using flow of gases on the surface of the Earth to provide mechanical power through wind turbines to generate power. Wind turbines can be installed onshore and offshore.

Hydro Power

Power derived from the energy of water circulation, which includes evaporation, rainfall, tidal power and water falling through a dam.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy which generates from the original formation of the Earth and from radioactive decay of materials. Underground water is heated by the massive amount of heat beneath the Earth’s crusts and generates steam to drive a pump.

Biomass and Biofuels

Using natural material, such as wood, sawdust and flammable agricultural waste to convert into electricity and heat.