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Wind Power Applications and Benefits


Wind energy has a number of merits that makes it the fastest-developing energy worldwide. Firstly, wind energy is a fully-sustainable and environmental-friendly renewable energy which does not cause air and water pollution during power generation, imposing little impact to human body and the economy.

Secondly, wind energy is said to have immense economic value not only results from the fact that the resource of this method of energy generation costs nothing, but also the low cost of operation and mainteanance. In addition, the supply and demand mechanism of wind energy in the global market is mostly long-term and uses Feed-in Tariff (FiT), which stablize the domestic electricity price and avoid the impact from the volatile international energy market.

In Taiwan, developing green energy has been labelled as an important link of energy transformation and energy independency. It is also viewed as a new engine to drive the economic development. The government has listed the green energy technology as part of the “5+2” industry innovation program. The economic value of offshore wind energy, on a conservative estimate, could reach NTD$ 180 billion.

Expanding the offshore wind industry also has the benefit of attracting direct foreign investment. According to the statistic published by Investment Committee of Ministry of Economy Affair in February 2020, the amount of overseas Chinese and foreign investment in the beginning of the year has increased by almost 200% compared to the same period in 2019. Such grow mainly comes from capital injection of international companies into Taiwan’s offshore wind farm projects. Offshore wind industry is also expected to create 20,000 job opportunities of senior engineering.