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Advantages and Economic Benefits of Wind Power


Wind energy has many merits that make it one of the fastest-growing energy sources worldwide. It is 100% clean, renewable, and eco-friendly. On top of that, wind turbines do not cause air and water pollution during operation, hence little to no impact on human health and the economy.

Furthermore, wind energy is deemed to have immense economic value. Its fuel is free, and the operation cost is relatively low upon installation of wind turbines. Additionally, long-term agreements and feed-in tariffs (FIT) widely adopted for the supply and demand in the international market have stabilized domestic electricity prices and functioned as a shield against the volatile global energy prices.

In Taiwan, developing green energy is regarded as an important step in the journey toward energy transition and independence as well as a new engine of economic growth. The government has selected green energy technology as one of the areas in the “5+2 Innovative Industries Plan.” As a conservative estimate, the economic value of offshore wind energy could reach NTD$ 1.8 trillion.

Expanding the offshore wind industry has the benefit of attracting direct foreign investments. According to statistics released by the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Economy Affairs, in recent years, international companies have continued increasing capital into offshore wind projects in Taiwan. The offshore wind industry is also expected to create 20,000 job opportunities for high-skilled occupations.


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